One of Canada's Largest Group Benefits Platform

Redesigned to accommodate for Groups from 3-500 Lives

We have 34% Market Penetration

In the Large Group Benefits Market in Canada

Traditional Plans

Flexible Plans

Wellness Platform

Health Care Spending Account

We are already where The Group Benefits Industry wants to be

Mental Health in a Box: MHIB Global

Pharmacogenetics: Personalized Prescribing Inc

Virtual Healthcare Services: EQ Care

Wellness: Meschino Wellness

Minimize your Administration Time
Maximize your Marketing and Sales Time

SAFG offers Benefit Plan Advisors & Employers easy access to our leading-edge, one-stop-shop for Healthcare Products & Service Options.

  • TPA Administration and Payment of Claims
  • Real Time Statements
  • Enhanced Retention Practices
  • Block Rates Discounts
  • Training Programs
  • Vesting Day 1
  • Profitability Bonus
  • Renewal Optimizing
  • Call Centre